Dry Stone Walling Bursary Training Portfolio

16.07.18 - 12.07.19

P. Jeyacheya

Workbook Two

Workbook Two consists of five questions. Together the questions cover a range of topics that are useful to a dry stone waller. Questions 1 & 2 cover the classification of rocks and how to calcuate the volumes & tonnage needed for building a dry stone wall. Questions 3 & 4 cover the structure of a dry stone wall and the potential faults that could occur for a number of reasons. The final question looks at how a dry stone wall provides habitat for a variety of organisms.

The answers are mostly highlights and are not intended to give a full understanding of all the topics covered. Instead they serve as an introduction that should be build on over time and with experience.

Workbook 2: Structure


Give 4 examples of common faults in the structure of a dry stone wall:


Poorly constructed foundations: top line of foundation stones not level; selected stones not large enough to sit at least a third into the wall; stones being predominently traced. This results in a week structure.


Building with room for movement: face stones not touching all other neighbouring stones; excessive use of front pinning; loose packing.


Irregular batter causing:


Bad wall structure due to poor use of throughs, coverbands and copestones: through stones not 'tied' well into wall by neighbouring stones and strong packing; copestones not crossing the full width of coverbands or touching outmost edge of walling stones on both faces; exposed pinning of copestones resulting in copes moving or falling off the wall.

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