Dry Stone Walling Bursary Training Portfolio

16.07.18 - 12.07.19

P. Jeyacheya

Bursary Application


I was drawn to apply for a place on the Bursary Project by a number of reasons. Firstly, the considerable time exploring the Yorkshire countryside, since moving to Bradford in 2016. The rolling hills reminded me of my upbringing in the Eastern Highlands in Zimbabwe. Second, I have always had an affinity for nature, working outdoors and creating things with my hands.

My interest in this Bursary Project training opportunity is driven following a significant period as a student and most recently a secondary school teacher in the UK. Increasingly during my free-time, I found myself participating in new crafts. Amongst them; silversmithing, and rekindling past ‘hands on’ skills in joinery and brickwork. Upon moving to Bradford, I realised that I needed a career change from teaching. Any new career would have to my creativity and skills from past and currect crafting interests.

Frequent walks through the Yorkshire moors drew my attention to the approaches used to manage the land and in particular, the use of dry stone walls. As someone with a background in brickwork I became fascinated with the design and architecture. In addition I noticed how the walls served as a habbitat for a variety of creatures.


Subsequently, and following much research online, I found the DSWA website and promptly enquired about dry stone walling courses. The online interviews with past Bursary applicants who have achieved Level 1 and 2 qualifications and then progressed on to become Masters in their craft, was inspiring. This confirmed that the Bursary programme offered opportunities and support that are unlike other training programmes available.

I would relish the opportunity to train to become a Master Craftsman and in time, I would like to employ my teaching experience by contributing to training future craftsmen / craftswomen. I have always enjoyed learning new crafts and refining the skills I have already learnt, and pursue this passion when opportunities arise.

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